Monday, February 2, 2009

I should be doing homework!

But...I feel like I have done nothing but homework for the past week with no breaks, so I decided to be totally irresponsible and blog instead. Maybe if I would update this more frequently it wouldn't be such a task!

In November I went to Notre Dame for a research conference on moral development with my awesome advisor, Laura! It was so fun getting to know her better and learn lots too. She is now trying to convince me to go on to get my PhD. We had a blast, went on a run around campus, ate too much popcorn, and I even got her lost on the way to a cute Italian restaurant and had to phone her GPS husband for assistance! Here are some pics by the Notre Dame stadium, and one with "Touchdown Jesus"

Thanksgiving was in Canada this year with T.J.'s family! We had a blast and got to play lots even though everyone still had school and work. We got to go to a Flames hockey game with Mom and Dad and out to yummy Chinese food with Grandma and Grandpa Pierson, Tiff, and Mom and Dad. Mom even made us a real American Thanksgiving dinner! The girls all went out to see Twilight, and we just had lots of good times laughing and playing games.

Christmas was in Vegas with almost our whole fam. Dave and Lisel weren't there, but we got to see them a week or so before and "enjoyed" watching BYU get slaughtered in the Vegas Bowl. We love their adorable family and wish we could see them more! We spent over a week at Mom and Dad Nielsen's for Christmas. It was fun to help Mom prepare the house for their mission and spend time talking with them.

As you can see, Dad and Kendell got us new snowboard/ski outfits for Christmas so we can look hot on the slopes. I daresay it is working.

Chirstmas wouldn't be Christmas without the Nativity, and it was really fun this year with all the kids! Karen and Kaelynn's families were the only ones there for Christmas Eve, and we had fun eating cinnamon rolls and reading Christmas stories together. We also taught our children how to fight like storm troppers...with swords... That is Emmalee, and she was quite good with that sword actually. I think she took out Spencer and Kellen a time or two.

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