Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

By the way, I love groundhog day. I wish we still celebrated like we did in elementary school. I haven't colored a groundhog since then I feel a distinct lack of joy in my life because of it. Tonight for FHE T.J. and I will color groundhogs!

SO, I should still be doing homework! :) I am not so good at this adding pictures thing. That is why you are getting two posts in the same day! Maybe even three if it gets bad again. Lucky you!

p.s. Over Christmas we also got to see Shelise and Kyle and Hudson! ...and baby in the tummy...
It was awesome to see them and have fun together. We wish they would move to Provo...Move to Provo!

We got to go skiing at the beginning of the semester, which was a blast! T.J. loves it and would go every day if he could. I am getting better and whipping down black diamonds without even being scared now! Okay, I still have to slow down every now and then, but it is loads of fun. We went this time with out buddy Joe. He is awesome...and also not pictured here, but just imagine a really awesome guy, okay? p.s. I was quite sick that day...I hope I don't normally look so enthused!

The 9th was my niece Brittany's wedding in St. George! Crazy that my little buddy Britt is already married! She was an absolutely beautiful bride (LOVED her dress!) and seems so happy with James! It was great to be there for the sealing and also at the reception...who would want to miss THAT cake fight?! Below are pictures of the adorable Daddy Daughter Dance and of Joclynn and Skye. p.s. the Jenkins family is so fun, not to mention hilarious! We love them! Also, on the temple steps are Kaelynn's adorable kids with T.J.

On the 12th Mom and Dad left for the MTC, but a week later we got to hang out some more until they flew to Australia! We had fun with Lance and Karen's families and celebrated T.J. and Dad's birthdays. We love being with our families, it is the happiest of happy times. Above is my cute cute Mom, and below my missionary parents! By the way, they are in Australia now and my Dad is the new branch president out in the bush! Crazy. They are loving it and having a great time. Also below are the twins, Addie and Lexi. Can they get any cuter?! And a bunch of grandkids around Grandpa for the birthday celebration. I am cracking up over Devin's cheesy smile...and Meredith! She is into this "pose" thing, with no smile...just so chic. I love it!

Well, now we are back in school and crazy busy. I have 13.5 credits (8.5 is graduate full time) and am working as a research assistant for Laura. T.J. has lots of science classes and is working in the Lamb Lab doing chemistry...macro cycles, transition metals...preconcentrating... Anyway, he loves it and sounds super smart when talking about it! We are taking a weight training class together and are getting buff! There is a triathaloner awesome girl in our ward and I am swimming with her twice a week in the mornings too. I love it!

We just got called as Primary teachers, teaching the 8 year old class. They are so awesome, we love it!

We are happy and feel so blessed. It seems like everytime we turn around there is another blessing just waiting to fall in our laps. We're so grateful for them all, and for wonderful families!


Carwin Candids said...

I am feeling fulfilled! Kathy has blogged! I loved all the pictures and must say I am impressed with the going down black diamonds! The ski outfits look great!

So don't go and get too's not fair the rest of us are putting the weight on, which reminds me I can't wait for the next eposide on "U" Planet!

You are my favorite sister Kathy ever and don't you forget it!

How did the groundhogs turn out?

Jami said...

Hello there, cute Miss Kathy!!!! It's been so long! You are as darling as ever, and look so happy! Good to catch up with you a bit! ~ Jami (Marshall)

Emy Jason and Boston said...

Hey guys, fun pictures! Thanks for hanging out the other night until like 1, or whatever time it was! That was way fun, and its great to have close friends. How come we still haven't gone skiing/snowboarding all together yet?! We definitely need to! Good job all the school work you guys do, you deserve taking a break to blog. We're always so impressed with you guys and how good of students you are! Love you guys!

Travis and Amber said...

I, like Mindi, am excited to have a new blog from you!
Wow-black diamond girl! You are my hero.
I'm excited for your cute parents! What's the best way to reach them, email or regular mail?