Monday, February 16, 2009

We went snowing!

So apparently something consistently misfires in my brain when I want to say "skiing"...I always say "snowing" instead. This made for some interesting conversations on our ski adventures Saturday. Glad to be of service.

Yes, friends, Saturday was the best ski day we have EVER had! It was snowing all day, it was all fresh powder (tons of runs with no tracks!) and it wasn't that busy at all. We thought for sure, it being the long weekend and all, that it would be packed. Not so. It MAY have been due to the fact that we were at the cheapest local resort.... hee hee :)

We went with our friends Sam and Holly and had a few awesome adventures... On the way there we slid off the road. Thankfully we were riding in Sam and Holly's CR-V and not our Ford Taurus! We slid off right after another car so we helped them out and they tried to help us. I say tried because our efforts were in vain. We just kept getting more and more stuck! We were calling AAA when finally an SUV stopped with a tow rope and towed us out. On to skiing! ...or so we thought. On the windy canyon road up to the resort we came to a dead stop. This would have been okay on normally days, but the snow was coming down fast and hard and cars were sliding backwards. Awesome. We finally got moving and passed the semi which was half in the ditch on the side of the road causing all the ruckus! We finally made it to the slopes an hour and a half after the planned arrival!

But the adventures were not yet over! We were on the first lift and going past the midpoint where you can either get off or stay on the lift. We were staying on and we all had our tips up like good little skiiers (and the snowboarder rebel T.J.). The only problem was that I forgot about my poles! Normally I sit on them under my legs, but no, I just had them dangling away under our seat. Well, needless to say, I felt the pressure as they dragged on the ground and when I pulled them up they were sporting the lovely bent-at-a-ninety-degree-angle look. Very ravishing. Had they not been my brand new poles that I have NEVER used, I probably would have found it a titch more amusing. As it was I was pretty sad. T.J. tried to bend them back...less effective. They snapped right in half! haha! It was pretty funny (looking back!). I ended up renting some poles for the day and it made for a great story!

Well, the pole adventures continued... Later we were on a hard powdery fun run and Sam biffed it pretty good. As he fell he put his pole between his crossed skiis... and SNAP! Clean break! Nice scissor shearing from his skiis I'd say. Make sure not to get your fingers between those devils! He had a gimped uni-plegic pole for the rest of the day.

Despite all these crazy times, it was such a fun day!!! T.J. was a champ! He threw two 360s, which he landed amazingly and looked so studly I almost tackled him right there! He also did some awesome somersaults off the edges and I was so impressed. My husband is so cool! :) I also had a complete blast! I went with T.J. and Sam all day on all the crazy runs and when I started to feel scared and just decided that that wouldn't help and I went all out. Turns out that that makes it a million times more fun! I feel really in control of my skiis and am getting faster at switching from edge to edge. I am also getting better at keeping parallel with my feet close together and being in control when I go really fast. It is so so so much fun!! I love it! We went in this big bowl at one point and it was crazy! We kept going through drifts of powder that would be up to my waist almost! I can't believe I didn't get stuck in them...not sure how that works, but it was nuts. T.J. and Sam also led me to this skinny-super-bumpy-cliff-edges-on-both-sides-top-of-the-mountain path...good times. I am still alive. After that, we went down one of those cliff edges (okay so not a CLIFF, but it was REALLY steep!) through the TREES! Hello?! I am terrified of dying by tree impact! But, I went bravely on (yes, I am bragging just a little here...) and I did it! It was awesome and felt great.

Anyway, it was such an amazing day of snowing! We had a blast and were super glad to have Sam and Holly with us, they're awesome!

We got home around 5:30 then showered and got ready for Justin and Elise to come over. We made the most delicious pizzas EVER (they might have tasted so good because we were famished!), played games, frosted and ate heart-shaped sugar cookies and watched a sappy romantic comedy. Happy Valentine's Day to us!

It was a great fun day and such a nice break from school and work. Thanks to Dad and KC1 for all the amazing snowing gear and lift tickets!!! It was my inaugural run on my new skiis, which I absolutely love!, and my new boots. I can't believe that my feet weren't killing me by the end of the day. They felt great, and I was singing praises to Dad and Kendell! AND, I was actually WARM all day thanks to my wonderful husband who got me wool socks and nice gloves for my birthday! I am way too spoiled in the skiing department, but no complaints here, I LOVE IT! Check out how rad my skiis are below...that's right, they are pink. HOT pink.


Carwin Candids said...

Kathy, Kathy, Kathy! I am so proud! My fears would not be so easily pushed aside, maybe because I have been skiing only 3 or 4 times! So where is the footage of TJ? He sounds like a snowboarding stud!

I am glad you had a super fun day, even with all your crazy mishaps!

Love ya!

Travis and Amber said...

Wow, you are amazing! I lived up there aor 4 years and only managed to go snowboarding. So which is better? ;o)