Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Long Due Pictures!

T.J. with Kellen! We went up to Sandy to play with Lance and Christa and Karen and Austin...and kids in September. We played at the park and just had so much fun!

It was Addison and Alexa's birthday too!

T.J. and I at the BYU v. UCLA game! Go COUGARS!!!

Here are some pictures from our summer adventures! Well, this first one is actually just last week at our friend Collins' wedding! Look at ME! Sans braces!!! haha Yay!

This is a small smackerel of photos, but maybe it will give you a teensy idea of what we have been up to. :)

T.J.'s family came to visit us in California in August. We had a blast! Well, mostly I had a blast with them and T.J. worked. But, we did go glow-in-the-dark mini golfing at midnight and T.J. and Steve got to come along! This is the boys team...The girls team totally slaughtered them!...okay, not so much, but it was fun!

These are my cute sisters in law, Kylie and Darby! We are just chillin at the A's game. No worries, this game went for 12 innings! We caught all the action...including a seemingly naked woman. It was interesting...

Kylie and I at the Giants game!

Here we are after the first ride of the day at Six Flags. That's right, get on, get SOAKED, get off!

This is me with my sister Karen and her friends at the beginning of the RAGNAR Wasatch Back Relay. We ran three legs each for a total of 180 miles or something crazy like that. It was so very much fun! yes, that IS a running woman manaquin on the top of the car. BABEFEST '08!

Here I am with my Mom in law and Aunts from T.J.'s side of the family after climbing a mountain! Krystle and I got to go to T.J. and Steve's family reunion at Snowbird in July for a week. It was fun fun fun!

In August my Mom came to visit for a few days too! Yay! We had lots of fun! This was after we biked...I think 8 miles over the Golden Gate Bridge into Sausalito. My Mom was so awesome on the bike...You should all be impressed. Here we are being wind blown on a ferry.

In June T.J. and I went to my family reunion at Bear Lake! This is T.J. with my nephew Ryan before going into Minnetonka Cave

This one is of Krystle, Steve, T.J. and I after eating out during the summer! (thanks APX!)

For your viewing funny husband and his brother! Sorry it is sideways! Apparently I didn't get the memo that you can't video with the camera sideways.... :)


Holly said...

Woohoo! It's about stinkin' time! When are you going to move to Cleveland??? We need to play!!!!!!!!!!!

Gretchen said...

It looks like you two had a fun summer! And holy cow your legs are amazing in the running picture, sheesh! So turns out I know Collins too! That's funny. I met him freshman year. Thats so fun that he got married!

Travis and Amber said...

wow-you are back! loved the pictures-the one with you and your mom is way cute! Tell her I said hi!

Emy Jason and Boston said...

hey gif! T.J looks likea natural with that little boy on his shoulder! thanks agian for being fannies seregate mother while we were gone! we sure love you guys!

Angie said...

Hey Kathy!!! Hope you got the invite to my blog. my e-mail is in case you didn't. It's so great to see what you've been up to lately! You seem exactly as I remember you :) Good times, good times. hehe. Let me know what else you've been up to! It's been forever!!!

Carwin Candids said...

Kathy! Yeah hoo! I loved the pictures! See you are good at the blogging thing! Love ya cutie! Tell TJ that was some pretty cool trick...sideways even!

Carwin Candids said...

Kathy I just wanted to tell you I love you! I wish I could see you more!