Wednesday, October 15, 2008

okay okay!!!

So, it's official! I am BRUTAL at this blogging thing! However, I am resolving to do a little more, be a little better (follow the prophet!).

Well, the summer came to end, as all things do, and that was happy! It was a good summer...full of learning! T.J. worked hard and did well, and is excited to never have to knock another door! I had a hard time coping with the excess time at my disposal, but am now wishing life was so hard! I spend a lot of time reading, getting tan, working on scrapbooks, cooking, and hanging out with Krystle. It was a fun fun summer for me! T.J. just mostly worked...poor boy! I am not going to tell you all about the summer's adventures because...I don't have time! :)

So, now here we are! Back in school! Hoooorah! T.J. is super loaded with science classes and working like a champ. He is also a lab assistant in a chemistry lab and exceeding his professor's expectations! I am busy with research and reading mostly. My professors are amazing - especially my advisor! - and I am learning a ton. I really love grad school. I never ever planned on it, but I am finding it to be really fun and really practical.

Well, I just realized this would be way more fun with photos! So, I will come back later with some of those and it will be fun times for all! That's all for now friends. :)


Shelise said...

Oh you have no idea how excited I was to see that you had posted again. Glad to hear you had a good summer. I totally didnt know you were in grad school. Where the heck have I been? Did you know I'm pregnant? I just havent talked to you in so long I didnt know if I had told you or not. Oh Kathy I miss you so. I hope all is well.

Carwin Candids said...

Yeah hoo! Kathy you rock! I agree with Shelise I am so glad you posted! Hee hee, I have to tease you, you are my sister! I am glad you are enjoying grad school, and TJ is awesome to work so hard. Tell him he is a stud from me! Love ya cutie, call me when you have time, since I don't what time to call you. Have a happy day, thanks for comments on my blog, lots of smiles!