Saturday, April 12, 2008


are addictive. So, if you don't want to feel the desire to run long distances for the rest of your life...I would suggest not getting started. But, even still, I love them! I ran the first annual Utah Valley Marathon this morning. Good times good times. Actually, to be completely honest, the first 21 miles were good times. The last 5...not so much. Let's just say I didn't only hit the wall, I smashed the wall, killed the wall, destroyed the wall...and it destroyed me! At 21 miles I was at 3 hours and 11 minutes...only 2 minutes over my goal pace time. I wanted to finish under 4 hours. From there it took me and hour and 15 minutes to run 5 stinking miles! I had ZERO energy and man! I was so mad! I had no more GU, and nothing to get energy in me....gripes. Frustrating, frustrating. But, I finished and now I can't wait to run the next one so I can redeem myself...why is that? Maybe I am just too prideful or stubborn. I feel great now and I'm not too sore. My knees just hurt a little and I think a light jog tonight with some stretching will help that wonderfully. Hooorah.

Just have to say, while on the subject, or not, that I have such awesome parents! All 3 sets of them! I am so grateful for them. They love me and support me, cheer me on and are always there. What a great invention the family is. Seems like Someone knew what He was doing on that one.

Today I got to spend some time with old roommates, whom I love and adore! It was so fun to just talk, laugh, be crazy, yet be serious...and just enjoy each other. I have been blessed with wonderful friendships and I don't think I give thanks for them enough!

On thanking...I was a bit bummed about running the marathon this morning by my lonesome and desired a running compadre. I said a little prayer, not really uttered, more like thought, that I would find someone to run with. Well, as it turns out, once a again, the Lord loves me! I met a great friend on the bus and then at mile 2 met another friend who joined in our happiness. I ended up running with her until mile 22. I feel like we are great friends now and had so much fun talking with her and encouraging each other. Thanks Jenna for the fun and the run!


Shelise said...

You are so awesome. Believe me I wont start marathons. I will just enjoy hearing about your experiences. Parents are great. I'm definitely with you on that one. When will you be here again? You should totally come down for michaels wedding. haha im so full of great ideas.

Holly said...

I added you to my friends list so add me to yours!