Tuesday, April 1, 2008

okay okay!

Well, it seems everyone is sick of me being smelly, so I guess it's time to update you all on our awesome lives!

Firstly, anyone know how to add links to all of your blog sites on my blog? Cause I want to be able to see yours easily...and apparently I am a little bit blog-site-challenged. :) THANKS!

So...life is good! T.J. is working his little bum (no really, it is little...I think its a guy thing...they just have little bums) off with school. He studies so hard and then aces his tests. What a stud. :) He is trying to figure out what he wants to do with his med school career. We have found some interesting (and potentially exciting) scholarship opportunities with the U.S. armed forces. But, the more we think about it and the more we learn, we find that there are so many more things to think about and learn about! It's fun though, and luckily we are sticking around the BYU scene for a good number of years still and have time to figure it all out!

T.J. is also coaching soccer! It is SO CUTE! Even though the boys are in grades 5-6, I just think it is the cutest thing ever to watch them play...and watch T.J. coach. I love it and so does T.J.!

I am currently LOVING my job and trying not to cry every time I go to work because I know we are leaving for the summer. I have grown to love these girls and I'm going to miss them! For those of you who don't know, I work at New Haven. It's a residential treatment center for adolescent girls. They come from all over the country, and even different countries, with all sorts of problems (depression, substance abuse, trauma, suicide attempts, anxiety, etc.). They go to school, have therapy sessions, and live away from their families. It's hard, but they make such amazing changes. The coolest thing about New Haven is that it is family and values based. The families of the girls are required to have 1 1/2 hours of therapy on the phone with the girls and therapist once a week, and come out for therapy over family weekend once every 2 months. This way the family AND the girl are making changes and her potential for lasting change is much greater. It's so awesome. The girls and families work on values assignments and we focus on building relationships, which most of them have no idea how to do. I wish I could explain it better...it is just the coolest thing ever and I love it!

This summer we are going to be living in San Jose, CA! WAHOO! We are really excited (you know, after I get over leaving my job) to be in the sunshine and close to San Francisco. T.J. is almost excited about selling again! SO, if anyone needs a fun summer vacation, COME VISIT US!

I have been working with the non-profit organization, Families Up, and it is finally looking promising! I am so excited about it. There is still so much work to be done, but we have the vision that we can really help families, and I believe it will succeed!

So a few weeks ago I decided to run the 1st Annual Utah Valley Marathon! I have been going through an obviously inadequate and rushed training program, and I am hoping to finish under 4 hours. haha I know that isn't very fast, but hey, I have to start somewhere! My last marathon was 4:07, and I didn't train much (okay I haven't really trained for ANY of my marathons...this one is probably the most prepared I have ever been), so I am hoping to do well! Feel free to come cheer me on! It's on April 12th!

Last week we had the opportunity to go up to Bountiful for my Grandpa Nielsen's funeral. It was great to hear of his faith and his wonderful life. He was truly an incredible man and such an example of a disciple of Christ. I am so grateful for him! It was not a sad thing to see him go. He is now with his sweetheart and able to work again without a falling apart body getting in his way. I have no doubt he is happier than ever and he has every right to be!

Well, I hope all of you enjoyed that hodge-podge of random updates! I promise I will try a little harder and be a little better at the bloging. :)

Our love to all of you!


Shelise said...

I was so excited to see that you updated. Is new haven the same place that meghan worked? It sounds so neat and im sure YOU are doing an awesome job. I am serioulsy going to consider coming to visit you guys in cali. It would be so fun. I cut your moms hair the other day and she told me about your grandpas funeral. It seems like he was an awesome guy. well thanks for the update.

ps. Kyle has a little bum too. definitely is a guy thing. lol. Hudsons bum though is very fat. that must definitely be a baby thing. lol.

Becca and Ty said...

yay! an update! :) haha - my sister-in-law missy worked at new haven for a long time (and might still, I'm not sure). she loved it and would constantly bawl about the girls and their issues/pain. but how neat that you work there. I wish I would have known it existed while I was at the Y, and I probably would have worked there too.

and yay for marathons! one day I will run one :)

Van D Family said...

Yeee Hawww! Yeay for updates from Kathy!! How about some photos next time, eh?
Love you Love you Love you!
Oh, and call me next time you are on your blog and I can explain to you how to put the links on your blog....its easy!

We are... said...

I worked at New Haven! Which campus are you working at? I worked at the South campus in the now Sacagawea home. We used to call it the West house. When did you start working there?! I didn't even know. I stopped a little less than a year ago because it was at a point in time when there was a TON of negativity and I needed a teeny break--which turned out to be a longer break than expected. I am trying to decide if I will go back or not. Who is your supervisor?! Anyway, that is exciting! Glad things are goin well!