Friday, May 2, 2008

Do you know the way to San Jose?

We do! I google mapped it. T.J. has never heard this splendid ditty of a song that I sang most of the way here, and I think now that he has heard my slaughtered renditions he has no desire to ever hear it. All well, I am not sure I have ever heard it either, besides my mom singing it every time the city name was mentioned during my childhood... The more I realize things like this the more I understand that you pretty much turn out like your mom in a lot of ways no matter what you do. Good thing I have such an awesome mom.

So, yes! Here we are in San Jose, CA! Hooray for another summer of sales! No one told US that Northern California is not blazing hot in April and May...nay, on the contrary my little toes are trembling in the chilly weather daily. Hello? It is supposed to be warm outside! Bring on the heat! Apparently it DOES get warmer and I can't wait because I am in serious need of some sunshine. It is great here though! We like it a lot. Compared to last summers apartment we are practically living in a 5 star hotel. It is so nice! We even have a microwave! I know, it is amazing. It is in a super nice community with a huge open grassy park right in the middle. It is awesome. People are always outside walking, running, playing soccer, having doggie play groups (no joke)...its great. The BEST PART though is that there is a super nice gym and pool big enough to swim laps in AND a spin room AND spin classes AND cardio-kickboxing classes AND pilates AND yoga AND its free (minus the million dollar monthly rent of course)! I KNOW! I love my life. It is excellent. Last night Krystle and I busted our at the kickboxing was awesome.

T.J. is jazzed about selling again...okay, so really he is having an incredibly positive attitude about the fact that he has to sell, and is determined to love it by the end, because he believes it can become like that. So, he is doing awesome. Yesterday was his first day on the doors and he got a deal, so yay! I on the other hand am unemployed! WHAT? you say...yes. Although I was supposed to work as the office manager again this summer it turns out there was little miscommunication. Apparently it is the lead tech's responsibility to get an office . Well, Jake was supposed to be our lead tech and I was the office . However, things fell through with Jake and we got assigned a new lead tech who had his own office (his soon-to-be wife) but failed to tell anyone that he had picked her out. So, no one knew. haha funny how that works. So when Riley found out that he had someone else he was like, uh, sorry we already have an office and the lead tech freaked out! AHHH! He was willing to fight "tooth and nail" for his wife to be the office woman. So, T.J. and I were informed, and not wanting to start World War III and create loads of unnecessary tension (which would create a crappy atmosphere for everyone and make it harder to sell) in the office, decided to just let her have the job. Kind of a bummer since I had been planning on it and although it isn't my favorite pasttime, it truly is an excellent choice as far as summer job options go. All well. I am sure I will find something to do and if not, get really tan. haha jokes jokes.

SAN FRANCISCO! Is a great city to walk in, but may I suggest never ever ever ever trying to drive through it. gahh! One way streets, "no turns" signs on every corner...haha It was hilarious to say the least. But, we survived and loved the city from our feet. We got to spend time with Kylie, his little sister, as she was there on a choir trip! FUN! We love Kye-Bye. We also got to hear her sing, which was so much fun. My favorite parts of SanFran were the hills, the old-school trolleys, and the random parks! We were in the middle of skyscrapers and busy streets and then, VOILA! and cute hidden completely serene and wonderful park! We stopped in to swing and play tag and probably annoy the man quietly reading his book on the bench. It was awesome.

Well, I had better get back to my list of to-do items, and say sorry for never posting pictures! BUT this computer, in my posh internet cafe, does not have any USB ports. Lo siento. Another time. :) OH! Which reminds me, my new favorite restaurant is Posh Bagel....yum yum yum!

and, by the way, we don't get reception in our apartment! haha! So, we have new phone numbers for the summer, should you care to phone us. ...
Kathy: 408-854-2051
T.J.: 408-854-2052

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Chris, Heather, Gabe, and Marissa said...

Wow, I had no idea that you guys were selling again. Good luck! Also, I bet that you will find a better job. I also didn't mind being office manager but was glad I wasn't anymore. If not, you could always get your tan on! :) Hope you guys have fun.