Sunday, June 3, 2012

Apparently I'm a nut job.

On Tuesdays this local gourmet pizza place has all large pizzas on for $6. Recently we (meaning I) decided that this sounded better than making dinner. Taylor was home, so I ran quickly to pick up the pizza. While waiting for our order I began talking with a lady and her mom. The lady said something about me being a cute pregnant girl and congratulations and then she was distracted and her mom started to ask me questions about my pregnancy.
When are you due?
Is this your first?
Nope, our third!
Wow. How old are the others?
Two and One.
You are a nut job!
[unsure how to respond] haha thanks!

Is there a correct way to respond to this?! The funniest part was that we kept talking for another few minutes and she repeated this phrase to me several times and never once qualified it with a congratulations or that's great or good luck. Just, you're a nut job! I'm pretty hard to offend, so it wasn't offensive to me how she responded, but just so funny! Who says that?! She was so nice in all of her conversation I figure she just really thinks I must be crazy! Well, she is probably right on that point. But, crazy or not, we are really excited for baby girl three to join our little family!

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