Saturday, September 10, 2011

Corn and smiles. Corny smiles.

I think if I could invent a camera that actually does justice to real life I'd make a lot of money! Here is Story giving a smile, but of course she is a even a million times cuter than this picture shows.

And Pepper has discovered that she loves corn on the cob! I was cutting it off for her, but she stole the sister missionary's cob right off her plate and started munching. Now she won't have it any other way and she'll down the whole thing!

Here is Pepper on the swing at the farm where we went apple picking yesterday (so cute, by the way). She looks entirely too grown up!


Shelise said...

I told Kyle about Taylor changing his name and Kyle said, "Oh, well, tell TJ I say hi!" lol.

I am SOOO glad you updated. I was still checking your blog frequently to see if you had updated (I don't keep my friends blogs on my updated blog roll) so I was super happy to see you had. Your girls are so cute.

I'm so glad to hear you're liking where you live especially since you'll be there a long while.

Ashley and Broc Jenkins said...

2 post in one week?! heck yes!

Candis said...

I am so glad you found me so we can peek in on each others blogs! I am loving Kathy as a mother of two! And your girls are precious! What, 16 months apart?! You are an amazing moma. My two are 22 months apart and they are giving me a run for my money. So happy to check in with you and your family! xoxo