Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fun in the Snow!

Hey ya'll! We have been spoiled lately to be playing lots in the snow. I think T.J. thinks he is in heaven...until of course he remembers the mounds of homework waiting for him at home. :)

On February 9th we went up to Karen and Austin's (Karen is my sister, for all those who don't know) house to play for the weekend and celebrate Charly's 6th birthday! As we drove to their house the mounds of snow on each side of the road were taller than our car. It was fun to hike through the snow out to their barn. Still can't figure out why the little kids just trekked across the 6 feet of snow no problem and the rest of us were sinking in to our theighs? haha We had fun jumping out of the barn into the snow and T.J. thinks I am a cool wife because I did a flip out of the barn loft. (Only after I made him go first of course!) T.J. made a big snow cave, which was awesome, and it was big enough for the both of us to climb inside. On Sunday the snow was hard enough to walk on (most of the time) and we had fun outside again. It was great to spend time with Karen, Austin, and their kids. We just love being with them! Their kids are adorable and we feel happy in their home. Thanks guys!

On our way home we got to stop by Lance and Christa's (Lance is my bro!) house and they treated us to not only to fabulous dinner and good times, but lots of good baby holding time! We loved every second of it. We love being with them too! I guess we are just really blessed to have awesome family.

On Valentine's Day we flew out to Denver to spend the long weekend with more wonderful family on T.J.'s side. (Dad and Kendell, Steve and Krystle, and Torrey) T.J. and his brother Steve were pleasantly surprised to find new snowboards waiting for them for their birthday presents! This of course welcomed in the next few days of snowboarding at Copper Mountain with Dad! fun fun fun! I got to come along too on Friday and Saturday and, thanks to the awesome teaching by Dad and Hugh, I am becoming a pro-star skiier! I LOVE it! I think I am going to have to be addicted to it. We had a blast and feel so grateful that we got to go!
We also got to have fun at Hugh's birthday party and I went shopping with Kendell and Krystle on Monday. We found great deals, which made shopping fun. :) The boys spent Monday snowboarding more and had a blast!

Sunday was family day, and simply wonderful! We went and had family portraits taken! It was so much fun...and the guy said he could photo-shop my braces off. Good man. Good man. :) I know that is cheating, but hey, if my head is going to be plastered on some wall, I would rather not be Miss Brace Face. That night we played Pictionary on a big white board, Charades, and Password. We had a BLAST! It was so funny.

We had such a fun weekend! We hated to leave. Thanks so much to Dad and Kendell for having us over and playing with us! We absolutely loved being there, spending time as a family, and having fun. We loved getting to spend time with Torrey. We never get to see her, and I had no idea how funny she is and how much fun she is to have around. It was also really cool for me to get to know Scott (T.J.'s dad) better, since I have never really had a chance to talk to him much before. He's awesome. We feel so blessed to have such awesome families! We love you all!


Shelise said...

Yeah! It was so fun to see what you have been up to. Wow you guys do so much fun stuff. (my baby is pinching me so hard right now) not that you care. lol. Thanks for posting. I cant believe all the snow when you went to visit Karen. I think thats where it was. The houses were almost halfway up with snow. Definitely not my style of living but pretty cool. lol.

Lance & Christa said...

Your trip sounds like a blast! Keep up the great blogging tradition owned exclusively by those whose birthdays fall in the month of LOVE!